City of Roanoke

Permitting, Development, and Code Portal

 This site provides access to community development services, allowing citizens to search for information and complete many common tasks online. Online services are currently limited to scheduling inspections, downloading/uploading PDF documents, and paying fees.

Anyone can use the links below to search for basic information about permits, projects, and code enforcement.

Public User accounts (Homeowners) allow for scheduling inspections, uploading/downloading PDF documents, and paying fees.  To set up an account click on Setup an Account to register.

Contractors and Registered Design Professionals accounts set up a dashboard to better maintain all permits and projects.  To set up an account, email your request to Professional Account Setup.  Please include your company name, a contact person, and a return email.

Link to the eTRAKiT contractor set up guidelines.

For guidance on submitting plans, see our Electronic Submission Guidelines.

Please note:  To schedule an inspection click on "Schedule" in the "Date" column.   If you do not see "Schedule," call 540/853-1142 to schedule an inspection.  Thank you for your patience during this software transition.





Code Enforcement